What We Need

If you have clicked this link, you probably have an idea that we are looking for poetry. Here is a list of what we look for in your work:

  1. We don’t know: in the world of poetry, or for that matter in the world of all forms of art, there is no fixed formula for what works and what does not. We request you to surprise us. Share some poetry that you think is unique, rarely tried. We will quite possibly pick it up from you
  2. Like the plague: please avoid cliched lines. If you’re not sure, just google to check
  3. Word limit: again, surprise us. Although we are looking for anything between 5 and 55 lines, each line having at least one word and at most eighteen words, you are welcome to stretch it beyond 55 lines (they need to be really good, though) or share a three-word novel (do they really exist?). Again, surprise us
  4. Languages: we are currently accepting poetry in English, Hindi and Bengali. Please keep an eye on this page as we will soon update the list
  5. Political correctness: do you know two things that Basil Bunting, Osip Mandelstam, Cesare Paves and Dorthy Parker had in common? They were all poets and they had been to prison for their political activism. In fact, Mandelstam died in a freezing prisoners’ camp for raising his voice against Stalin. Shelley thought poets were “the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. Poetry and other forms of art have always raised their voice against the face of oppression. Having said so, we don’t want to geopardise this site’s progress. Please note that we are poetry lovers and not activists. Of course, we will provide a platform to all voices left, right and centre. However, we won’t compromise with quality for the purpose. Also, the opinion will be yours and not ours. You are thus expected to write a disclaimer absolving us of all responsibilities in case your work evokes the authorities’ wrath

How to submit: please send a mail to poetrymanjusha@gmail.com as below:

Subject line: Submission: “Title” (“Language”) by “Your Name”

E.g. if your poetry is in English and titled “Jack and Jill”, and your name Maya Angelou, the subject line should be:

Submission: Jack and Jill (English) by Maya Angelou

Mail body: this should be in 3 parts:

Poem: this is the part where you type the full poem. Yes, we want the poem in your mail body. Of course, if you find it difficult to use the language font in the mail body, you can simply write an explanation here and attach a Word document instead.

Disclaimer: please paste the below exact lines here:

The above poem is my original work, and I authorise Kavyapadmanjusa.com to publish it with whatever edits/changes they deem necessary.

About the poet: we expect you to write two or three lines here. Please include your previous publications and also your blog/website if any.


By now you must have realised the following terms and conditions:

  1. The poem’s copyright remains with you. However, you grant us the right for its first publication
  2. We may make some changes or edits in your work, that we deem fit, before publication. By submitting your poem, you automatically give us the right to do so



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